Marianne Bjørnmyr


NŌUA is established and run by Marianne Bjørnmyr and Dan Mariner, based in Bodø, Norway. NŌUA is an arena for photography as contemporary art, and is a professional and social meeting place for local and international audiences and artists.

The artists are through NŌUA collaborating with national and international artists, curators, writers and art historians to create a program that promotes conversations and innovation around photography as contemporary art and the presentation of relevant art productions and artistry. NŌUA organizes events such as lectures, artist talks, exhibitions and external projects. In addition, NŌUA has a large photobook archive that is opened to the public through regular photobook cafés.

In NOUA's back rooms, the artists have their studio and space for art production through research room, digital and analogue darkrooms and framing workshop.

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