Marianne Bjørnmyr

Shadows / Echoes - Book

The work Shadows / Echoes (2012 - 2014) was conducted over a two-year period where Marianne travelled around Iceland to research and document a system of believes where the existence of elves and fairies is not seen as marginal. 53% of Icelandic people either believe or do not deny their believes in elves, and great consideration is taken in development and use of landscapes and daily surroundings.

The book is published in a special edition of 75, which are all hand bound by the artist herself. Signed and numbered with certificates. The book is published with funding from Arts Council Norway.

230 x 260 mm
Hard cover
64 pages
Paper: Munken Pure 130 gsm
Text: English
Edition of 75
Published by YONA Editions
ISBN: 978-1-908452-24-5


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