Marianne Bjørnmyr

31 Indicative Objects

   The work 31 Indicative Objects touches on topics related to documentation and the temporality of established knowledge. The work is focused on the visual systems and measurement systems that establish reality as we know it. The work deals with visual phenomena (optical illusions, visibility / invisibility, perception and optical phenomena such as refraction, reflection and light / color) and measurement systems (time, scale / distance, gravity, magnetism, etc.). Both visual phenomena and measurement systems that concept have a turbulent relationship to photography, which can either help clarify science or defile it.

    Through the work, the Marianne seeks to give the opportunity to reflect on the experience we have of reality and to disrupt our definitions and perceptions of the world we live in. Each work refers to one or more specific actual stories, which give us examples of how science and defined knowledge is not always as we think, and that it can be misunderstood or changed. The work deals with perception and measurement systems that determine reality as we know it. It touches and challenges photography as a document and depiction of reality. 

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